03/29 Bitd: GT Mint 400 Rewind
03/26 Bitd: Gordon Wins Mint 400
03/21 TrophyLite: Offers Women Racers
03/16 Bitd: Full Field Set for Mint 400
03/14 Bitd: Mint 400 Spectator Map
02/19 ASCC: Posted a Couple Photos
02/19 DRC: You Can Now Tag Photos Here
02/16 ADRA: Schedule of Events
02/16 ADRA: This Weekend Gate Fees
02/16 BITD: New Photos Uploaded to G+
02/13 SCORE: MacCachren Trophy Truck Draws 1st for SF250
02/10/2012 BITD: New Parker 425 Photos Posted
02/09/2012 BITD: General Tire Atop Podium @ Parker
02/09/2012 BITD: Freitas Race Report
02/09/2012 BITD: Gordon Wins Parker 425
02/06/2012 SCORE: San Felipe 250 Draw
02/05/2012 BITD: Parker 425 Photos
02/04/2012 BITD: Robby Gordon Wins Parker 425
02/02/2012 ADRA: Promo Video
02/02/2012 BITD: 2012 $120,000 TT Cash
01/31/2012 BITD: Official Parker 425 Map
01/31/2012 BITD: Parker 425 Event Schedule
01/13/2012 SCORE: Bj Baldwin Fastest @ Qualifing
01/13/2012 SCORE: Official Laughlin Desert Challenge Entry List

03/23 LOORRS: Sparks Fly For Team LeDuc
03/23 LOORRS: Stronghold Makes History in Phx
03/23 LOORRS: Kargola Annihilates Competition
03/22 LOORRS: Greaves & Hart Stretch Legs
03/21 LOORRS: MacCachren Suffers Ups and Downs @ Phx
03/21 SLS: SuperLite Kicks Off High-Octane Series
03/21 LOORRS: Toyota & CBS Sports Expand Role with Series
03/18 LOORRS: Currie Debuting New Truck Design
03/18 LOORRS: RockStar MacCachren Revs Up For 2011
03/18 LOORRS: Curry Sign With General Tire
03/17 LOORRS: MacCachren Hopes To Defend Title
02/24 SCORE: Official San Felipe 250 Event Schedule
02/24 SCORE: SF 250 Prerunning Starts Saturday
02/24 LOORS: Aluma Craft Signs as Sponsor
02/24 LOORS: LeDuc Signs With TOYO
02/23 Bitd: Jesse Jones Wins Parker 425
02/18 LOORS: Camburg Signs on as Sponsor
02/14 SNORE: Event Schedule
02/08 LOORS: Daystar Signs as Presenting Sponsor
02/08 Bitd: Hengeveld Win TrophyLite
02/07 Bitd: Parker 425 Photos
02/03 ASCC: Az Short Course Racing Starts
02/03 Ford: Olliges & Swift Team Up for 2011
02/02 TORC: Hart & Greaves Team Up
02/01 LORRS: McGrath Signs with Team Toyo
02/01 LORRS: Cameron Steel Signs With Stonghold
02/01 Score: San Felipe 250 Draw
01/31 Bitd: Official Parker 425 Schedule of Events
01/31 Bitd: 34 TrickTrucks PreEnter 425
01/10 SCORE: Laughlin Event Schedule
01/10 SCORE: Laughlin Desert Challenge
11/21 SCORE: Joe Bacal & Lexus Win Class
11/20 SCORE: Official Baja 1000 Results
11/20 SCORE: Official Baja 1000 Finishers
10/27 SEMA: Miller BMW SEMA Project
02/04 BITD: Stephen Cox Enters Parker 425

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Rumor: (Updated: 11/14/08)
CORR Series in Laughlin Nevada

Confirmed... True...
The Laughlin Casinos are interested in a possible CORR Series event in Laughlin...
The event is being considered because of land issues that have decreased race laps from approx 80 miles to a disappointing 5 miles...

The casinos I've discussed the issue with have nothing but great things to say about working with SCORE, but with the ever growing land issue and CORR's fast growing popularity and extensive television exposure, they feel now is the time to consider showcasing a CORR Series event in Laughlin...

Rumor: (Updated: 12/08/06)
Rob MacCachren to codrive for Mark Post

Mark Post signed Rob MacCachren as Riviera Racings codriver in 2007

Mark Post has signed young gun Rob MacCachren as codriver of the #3 Riviera Trophy Truck in 2007.
Rob's duties will be to share driving duties during each event in 2007.

Riveria Racing has announced they will be racing a full 2007 series schedule in BOTH the SCORE and Best in the Desert Racing Association Series.

Congratulations Mark, Rob MacCachren is a great fit for your team and should move your team into contention for 1st overall at every event.

Rumor: (Updated: 09/29/06)
Jimmy Beaver Getting Married

He's Getting Married Tomorrow (Saturday 09/30/06)

Jimmy's getting Married to long time girl friend Tiffany in MI this weekend. The couple will reside in Parker Arizona and are looking forward to Jimmy's return to a full time racing schedule in 2007.

Congratulations and we wish Mr & Mrs Beaver many years of happiness

Rumor: (Updated: 08/29/06)
Federal Injunction against Procomp Electronics


Chalk one up for the performance aftermarket! MSD Ignition has obtained a Permanent Federal Injunction against Procomp Electronics, Inc. Procomp manufactured an ignition that was confusingly similar in appearance to the well known red housing of MSD's 6AL Ignition Control. With more and more infringement in the aftermarket, MSD's top brass got fed up and took the matter to the courts.

In the end, a permanent injunction was granted. This means that, Procomp, including its parent company, subsidiaries, divisions, affiliated, successors and assigns, and any person acting in concert with them are immediately prohibited from manufacturing, selling, distributing, marketing or offering any ignition or similar product that utilizes a design identical to or otherwise confusingly similar to the design of MSD's labels or the design of the distinctive housing of MSD's Ignition controls, including MSD's 6AL Ignition Control.

Rumor: (Updated: 08/04/06)
New Race is Being Planned for Pomona

True... While I've been asked to withhold specific details, I've confirmed an exciting new short course event is about to be announced in Pomona. Currently the plan is to make an official announcement about the event within the next month

The series is very excited about their new event which will also feature Trophy Karts racing during intermission. (we've been advised we are the only news service to know the details of this new event.)

Rumor: (Updated: 07/25/06)
Two New Trophy Trucks have been ordered by the SAME TEAM

True... While I've been asked to withhold the team name, I've confirmed they have ordered two Trophy Trucks from the same builder.

The team is very excited about their new twin trophy trucks, which currently should be completed mid 2007. (this is not the Herbst trucks and we've been advised we are one of only three people and the only news service to hear this news.)

Watch for spy photos in early 2007.

Rumor: (Updated: 06/26/06)
Roberto Guerrero (indy fame), Chris Lucas & Eric Place, Moving up from ProTruck to Trophy Truck

True... The team has caught DesertRacing Fever and after only a few races decided to move up in class from ProTruck to Trophy Truck

The team is fairly new to the sport and became infected with DesertRacing Fever during their first race in which they rented a Baja Challenge car last year. After their first race they went out and purchased a ProTruck to race this season. Now half way thru the season they have decided to purchase a new Trophy Truck.

I'd like to say Good Luck to Roberto, Chris and Eric and congrats on moving up in class.

Rumor: (Updated: 06/23/06)
Just Few People are Upset with Pokey

True... It seems a few people are just a little upset with Pokey and want to call and give me a piece of their mind, or simply cuss me out for whatever reason

To you Nay Sayers, I say feel free to call anytime at 909.650.5412, but don't get upset if I tell you like it is.

Rumor: (Updated: 06/23/06)
Sinister Films Releasing New Video

True... Just got the word Jim Cook from Sinister Films will be releasing his latest Desert Racing video creation "Riviera Racing 2 UNLEASHED" the last week of July

The video features our sports current superstars, plus a tribute to Jason Baldwin. This is an action packed DVD that's a worthy addition to your extreme sports DVD collection

I'm also happy to announce will be posting a couple exclusive trailers from this action packed video in the near future. So check back early next week.

Rumor: (Updated: 06/23/06)
Nick Baldwin CANCELS sale of Trophy Truck

True... Just got off the phone and Nick has pulled the Trophy Truck off the Market and will be racing Vegas to Reno

The story has an interesting twist and I've been asked to sit on the details for now, but lets just say it's all GOOD

Nicks Ranger prerunner is still for sale.

Now for you nay sayers, the rumors about Nick and Mark having a falling out are NOT true. These two are still friends and will be racing, pitting and doing the same old things they've always done, with the only thing being different is Nicks retirement.

The Class 1 car is now going to be Nick's new prerunner.

Rumor: (Updated: 04/06/05)
Jimco is moving?

True... Jimco is scheduled to move into their new 15,000 sqft location April 15th... I had the opportunity to tour the new shop recently and discovered they are in fact remodeling the entire building... The new facility has more than enough space to park their new big rig (debut at Pahrump) and all of the projects they have, including the new Jimco trophy truck that's close to completion... Spy Photos Click Here...

I would like to thank Mike & Matt for taking time out of their busy schedule to give us a tour and encourage everyone to attend the grand opening of Jimco's new location and see for yourself why Jimco has won 10 straight manufacturer championships...

Rumor: (Updated: 04/01/05) to open new message board...

True... has been working on a message board and will have it available the first week of April @ The message board is the first phase of several that will include great giveaways such as free trips to Las Vegas... Oh and by the way we should mention this is all free for TeamDesertRacing members...

Rumor: (Updated: 03/17/05)
Center for Biological Diversity is attempting to stop desert racing in Cal City...

True, The Center for Biological Diveristy has contacted numerous news outlets claiming this event is ruining the desert enviroment, even though it is run on established trails and dirt roads...

Rumor: (Updated: 02/11/05)
A new DVD will be on the market soon...

True... Sinister Films is preparing to release their new Riviera Racing DVD: The Trucks, The Team, The Fury... More info will be available as it is released...

Rumor: (Updated: 01/04/05)
Shawn & Sarah Wanzek, had a baby girl...

True... Olivia Josephine Wanzek is Lake Havasu City's New Year Baby, having been the first child born on Jan 1, 2005... Olivia weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and is Shawn and Sarah's first child... Shawn, here's a thought... Olivia is the first child born on New Years Day, and is your first child... That's a lot of first for a child born in to a racing family that's only done two things and been first both times... Does this mean dad's now going to finish first in his first trophy truck race, after all it's now up to dad to keep the streak going? Anyways, congratulations to you guys and Olivia, she's a very lucky girl to have such great parents...

Rumor: (Updated: 12/31/04)
Robby Gordon is racing the Parker 425...

True... Robby has anounced that he is racing the Parker 425 and will be driving his # 31 Trophy Truck...

Rumor: (Updated: 12/31/04)
Best in the Desert racing series is changing the number format for Trophy Trucks...

True... In an effort to help fans follow their favorite driver/team Casey Folks of Bitd has announce that in 2005 all Trophy Trucks will have assigned two digit numbers...

Rumor: (Updated: 10/19/04)
Albert McMullen @ MCM Motorsports is building a New Trophy Truck...

True... Albert has teamed with Rick & Jeff Geiser @ Geiser Brothers Design & Development in Phoenix to build a new Trophy Truck... The truck will incorporate several new features designed by Albert and his crew @ MCM Motorsports... In addition, Albert and his crew will be testing a new Trophy Truck Brake System designed by Gear One, plus working closely with his new sponsor Interco Tires, developing a new Trophy Truck Race Tire... Alberts new truck will be Power by a Walker Evans 430ci Chevy Small Block detuned to a managable 748hp and will be sporting an all new Chevy Body and is to be race ready for the 2005 San Felipe 250... will be shooting spy photos in the near future, including a 360 degree virtual tour... If you would like advance notice as to when this will happen, just sign up for our mailing list...

MCM Motorsports would like to thank the following sponsors: Geiser Bros Design & Development, Interco Tires, King Shocks, Desert Sports Magazine, Dirt Sports Magazine, Affordable Powder Coating out of Phoenix, AZ and DJ Safety out of So. Cal.

Desert Sports & Recreation Magazine is working on a 3 issue series on the new MCM truck. Dirt Sports Magazine is also working on an article covering the new truck.

Rumor: (09/30/04)
Mongo Racing rolled their truck Saturday testing in Parker...

Not Exactly... What happened was they broke the right rear axle, losing the rear wheel at about 70 mph in a sweeping turn and almost rolled the truck, causing extensive damage to the right bedside and minor damage to the left bedside... will have video of the incident posted in the near future....

Rumor: (09/23/04)
Herbst Motorsports Team Member AJ Martin is getting married...

True... This weekend, AJ will be tying the knot with fiance Jamie... We wish the best for the Bride & Groom...

Rumor: (09/15/04)
Pflueger Racing used air support to win Primm 300...

Unknown... You Decide... I've looked into this rumor and here's the facts...

1- All aircraft were required to stay above 500ft agl, this is a standard FAA requirement for sparsely populated areas and all pilots had been advised by SCORE officials to fly no lower than 500ft AGL or risk that team being disqualified...

2- Alan Pflueger has his second flat between the main pit and pit "B" and discovers his air jack isn't working and then after driving on the flat for several miles Alan comes upon Wayne Lugo who offers to loan him his jack to change the flat...

3- I'm working at the main pit and hear that Troy Herbst is having a problem with the tranny and will be stopping at pit "C" to change transmissions... I contact other team members to advise of problems with both Herbst entries...

4- Receive a phone call from photog advising he observed Pflueger helo coming from vicinity of Jean airport crossing the course towards pit "C" and was going to investigate...

5- Photog advises another group of photogs what he observed and they advise they are in the area and see helo circling to land...

6- Two Photographers arrive at landing area near pit "C" and start shooting photos just as helo lands, and Pflueger Racings crew members appear upset and waves photogs off, as to imply no photos...

7- Spoke with John Hoffman @ Pflueger Racing and was told the following...
Quote: "Alan had a flat and then discovered the air jack was broken, we were lucky to have Wayne Lugo loan Alan the use of his jack so he could change the tire prior to pit "B"..."

8- Quote:
"Alan choose not to stop at pit "B" because the race was so close, at this point in time he opted to race on to pit "C" where he made his pit stop"...

In speaking with Paul, an official from SCORE, I was advised that it is possible the land a helo during the race so long as it's at least 1/4 mile away from track and it's not providing air support, such as the movement of crew members, parts or equipment from one place to another...

Given the facts involving this incident, it seems very suspect and possible some type of air support may of occurred, given the flight path of Pflueger's helo from the direction of the main pit and the timing of Alan's decision to skip a scheduled stop at pit "B" (where a helo can't land) only to stop @ pit "C" shortly after the landing of the helo I have some concerns... Since air jacks aren't a common pit truck item, did the helo return to the main pit to retrieve an air jack for Alan while he had the second flat... Remember he had two flats? Think about it, how did they manage to get a replacement air jack into the truck, because I seriously doubt they ran the remainder of the race without an air jack?
[Click here to view Helo Landing @ Chase Truck]


Rumor: (09/07/04)
Steve Sourapas is selling his Corona Trophy Truck...

False... Steve is not actively seeking a buyer for his high-power Trophy Truck, however, if the right offer is made, he may consider selling the truck... You will be able to see Steve in action during the Primm 300 racing with Brian Ickler in Class 1...

Rumor: (08/10/04)
Nissan is getting back into DesertRacing...

True... We have confirmed that Nissan and an anonymous DesertRacing team are working on a new Nissan Titan race vehicle... The details are being kept in our vault for now, once we are able to disclose more information, we will...

Rumor: (06/29/04)
Robby Gordon's #31 Trophy Truck will race the SCORE Primm 300...

False... Robby's #31 Trophy Truck will not be at the Primm event... The next off-road race Robby Gordon will be competing in is the SCORE Tecate Baja 1000, to be held in November...

Rumor: (05/10/04)
There is a new DVD for sale featuring Robby Gordon...

True... From the award winning producers of QUICKSAND,
Robby Gordon Unplugged shows you one of the most talented off road drivers of our time.
Click here to purchase the DVD for $21.95

Rumor: (04/22/04) has moved to a new location...

True... has moved into a new shop in Lake Havasu City and has equipped it with all new equipment, including a 4' x 12' CNC plasma table...
The overall reasoning for this move is simply: "the boss wanted some new toys..."

Rumor: (04/08/04)
Robby Gordon will be competing in the 2004 Baja 500...

False... NASCAR will be racing in Dover the same weekend as the Baja 500...

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